Compulsory Basic Training

It is a Legal requirement.

It is a safe introduction to motorcycling through a course set down by the Driving Standards Agency.

It will enable you to ride your motorcycle, moped or scooter on public roads as a learner.

The course introduces you to basic riding skills and road craft.

The main focus of the day is getting you used to controlling the bike, for this reason a large portion of the course is spent in the safety of our off-road facility. This enables you to learn and practice the techniques needed without having to worry about other traffic.

There are 5 Elements to the CBT 


Element A

Introduction: aims of the CBT, eyesight test, safety equipment.

Element B

On site training: Controls & how the bike works, machine checks, wheeling the machine, start & stop the bike.

Element C

On site riding: Riding under control, figure of eight, u turn, emergency stop, gears, observation, left & right turns.

Element D

On road training: A long talk on what is expected on the road, all about safety, highway code, defensive riding etc.

Element E

On Road Riding: 2 hour road ride to demonstrate your ability to the instructor taking in all the elements learned.

Expect your training to last most of the day. All equipment, radios, helmets, waterproofs, bike hire and insurance are inclusive.