A1 Licence.

Must be taken on a machine with an engine size of  between 120cc and 125cc.¬†and not exceeding 14.6bhp.

This category of test is aimed at 17 year olds, although anyone older can take it also. If you are under 19 years of age this is the only option.

After passing this test you will only be able to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc and not exceeding 14.6bhp. You will be able to carry pillion passengers, and use the motorway network (although this is not recommended). After 2 years or when you are 19 years of age, you can then move up to the next category of licence by training  and taking more test for the next licence (A2).

We offer 2 hourly lessons, or intensive courses (usually 3 days). Sometimes lessons will be recommended before doing a course, depending on the ability of the rider. We use Suzuki GN125cc machines.

Your training includes use of safety equipment, radios, bike, fuel and insurance.